Thomas Highers

age ~36

from Brownsville, TX

Also known as:
  • Thomas F

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  • Brownsville, TX
  • Rockport, TX
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Fulton, TX
  • Kodiak, AK
  • Gloucester, VA


Who is Bigfoot? Help free the Highers Brother...

Did you know a Bigfoot in Detroit in 1987? Can you help free Thomas Hi...

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Michigan Lawmakers Seek Help For The Falsely Convicted: 'We Can't Give Them Back ...

Michigan lawmakers seek help for the falsely convicted: 'We can't give them back ...

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  • As an example, Thomas Highers pointed to Julie Baumer, another one of the wrongfully convicted present at the Capitol Thursday, who worked in the mortgage department of a bank before being convicted of first-degree child abuse. Baumer's infant nephew suffered a stroke while in her care, and doctors
  • Date: May 08, 2015
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Highers brothers to remain in jail until hearing

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  • Wayne County Circuit Judge Lawrence Talon punted Monday on whether to free Thomas Highers and Raymond Highers on bond after he threw out their first-degree murder convictions last week because of new evidence that developed since 2009. The judge said he will decide Aug. 13, when he expects to get re
  • Date: Jul 31, 2012
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Detroit Brothers to Get New Trial in 1987 Killing

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  • In 1987, Robert Karey, an elderly marijuana dealer, was murdered at the back door of his Detroit home. Two brothers, Raymond and Thomas Highers, both now 46, were convicted of the killing in a three-week trial the following year.The key witness in their 1987 trial was Thomas Culberson, a security guard who went to Kareys home to buy marijuana on the night of the murder. Culberson said he saw two white men fleeing the scene in a car, and later identified Raymond Highers as the driver and Thomas Highers as a passenger.
  • Date: Jul 30, 2012
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Judge tosses '87 murder convictions against brothers

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  • Cheers erupted in the Wayne Circuit Court courtroom from friends and relatives of Thomas Highers, now 46, and Raymond Highers, also 46. The brothers, after waiting tensely for about an hour as Judge Lawrence Talon laid out the basis of his decision, leaned over to each other, shook hands and embrace
  • Date: Jul 26, 2012
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Thomas Highers

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Rachele Zavala, Wilson McBride, Anthony N Arlene Garza
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Thomas Highers

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Thomas Highers

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