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  • Gas Burner And Furnace

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  • US Patent:
    39543889, May 4, 1976
  • Filed:
    Dec 6, 1974
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Kornelius Hildebrand - Detroit MI
  • International Classification:
    F23D 1314
  • US Classification:
  • Abstract:
    A gas burner for industrial furnaces, such as launders, crucible melting furnaces, dry hearth breakdown furnaces, holding furnaces and the like, wherein the burner comprises a relatively narrow elongated strip of porous refractory material through which the gaseous fuel/air mixture passes. The strip is made wide enough to pass the required quantity (heat value) of fuel, but not so wide that the flow of fuel/air mixture through the burner is not great enough to cool the burner sufficiently to maintain the fuel temperature below its flash point. The burner strip is preferably as narrow as possible to expose a minimum degree of surface area to the back radiation and convection heat from the furnace interior.

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