Heidi M Thrasher

from Santee, CA

Also known as:
  • Heidi Marie Thrasher

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  • Santee, CA


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Heidi Thrasher


John Thrasher Interviews "The Hills" Star Ste...

For my 5th and final MTV TJ challenge, I was able to interview "The Hi...

  • Category:
  • Uploaded:
    19 Jul, 2010
  • Duration:
    8m 27s

Zero's "Painkiller" Rough Cut Part 5: Kaanan ...

Every clip of Kanaan's is death defying, whether it's taking on mounta...

  • Duration:
    15m 3s

Classics: Jerry Hsu's "Bag of Suck" Part

Nick Garcia calls it "one of the greatest video parts of all time" and...

  • Duration:
    8m 42s

Wyd thrasher

Heating up.

  • Duration:
    21m 40s

Jiri Bulin's "Our Kid" Etnies Part

Mastering Manchester's spots, both crusty and clean, Jiri unleashes a ...

  • Duration:
    4m 47s

Dylan Jaeb's "Hi" Part

Dylan hops Mainland stacks with flawless form and endless combos. Good...

  • Duration:
    6m 17s

Boys trying to siphon gas

Apparently they never done it before,lol.

  • Duration:
    1m 45s

Deedz' "HVVS" Part

Deedz is back on his beat, charging highly-sackable rails, connecting ...

  • Duration:
    3m 28s

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