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from Troy, OH

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  • Troy, OH
  • Saint Paris, OH


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Charles Magovern

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Baby Louie, An Infant Dinosaur With A Checkered Past, Finally Gets A Proper Name

Baby Louie, an infant dinosaur with a checkered past, finally gets a proper name

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  • A Colorado-based fossil seller named Charles Magovern had purchased the eggs and uncovered an infant skeleton amid the clutch. He invited several experts to look at the bones. One paleontologist who viewed the infant in 1995 said he thought Baby Louie was a therizinosaur, a bizarrely shaped dino wit
  • Date: May 09, 2017
  • Category: Sci/Tech
  • Source: Google


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Charles Magovern

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Graham High School St. Paris OH 1956-1960
James Ramey
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Graham High School, St. p...

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Marianne Stradling (1983-1987),
Michelle Noel (1988-1992),
Carol Timmons (1964-1968),
Charles Magovern (1956-1960)
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Agawam High School, Agawa...

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Charlie Magovern (1965-1969),
Herman Hensley (1982-1986),
Virginia Broden (1982-1986)


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Charles Magovern Clermt ...

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