Benson H Kravtin

age ~69

from Columbus, GA

Also known as:
  • Benson H Kravetin
  • Kravetin Benson
  • Benson N

Benson Kravtin Phones & Addresses

  • Columbus, GA
  • Murphy, NC
  • 87 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 • 718-596-3916
  • 87 Remsen St APT 3, Brooklyn, NY 11201 • 718-596-3916
  • 39 Sidney Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11201 • 718-596-3916 • 718-596-5736
  • Forest Hills, NY
  • 39 Sidney Pl APT 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201


  • Position:
    Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations


  • Degree:
    High school graduate or higher

Us Patents

  • Docking Portable Computers For Storage And Charging

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  • US Patent:
    8243455, Aug 14, 2012
  • Filed:
    Apr 21, 2010
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Jerome E. Raymond - Glen Ridge NJ, US
    Michael F. Cuttitta - Saddle Brook NJ, US
    Benson H. Kravtin - Brooklyn NY, US
  • Assignee:
    Datamation Systems, Inc. - South Hackensack NJ
  • International Classification:
    H05K 5/00
    H05K 7/00
  • US Classification:
    361727, 3616794, 36167941, 36167943, 361724, 361725, 361726
  • Abstract:
    A repository in the form of a cart, and a method for docking a plurality of portable computers in storage within the cart, are disclosed. The cart has an opening at the top of the cart and each computer is placed within a docking bay, connected electrically to an electrical connector at the docking bay. Each docking bay has an entrance at an upper level and a support member for the computer at a lower level located at a predetermined vertical distance from the upper level. The orientation of the docking bays, and the predetermined vertical distance are such that upon movement of a computer toward a fully seated position within a docking bay, the computer is biased by gravity toward and into retention in the fully seated position and is maintained by gravity assistance in such retention during transport and storage in the cart, connected to the electrical connector at the docking bay. In a preferred construction, the support member is in the form of a tray placed in the cart above a lower compartment beneath the tray. The tray is mounted for pivotal movement between a first position wherein the tray is in place for supporting the computers above the lower compartment, and a second position wherein the tray is displaced to open access to the lower compartment from the opening at the top of the cart.
  • Locking Mechanism For Portable Valuables

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  • US Patent:
    6212918, Apr 10, 2001
  • Filed:
    Sep 24, 1998
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Benson H. Kravtin - Brooklyn NY
  • Assignee:
    Benson Enterprises Incorporated - Brooklyn NY
  • International Classification:
    E05B 7300
  • US Classification:
    70 14
  • Abstract:
    A locking mechanism for securing personal portable valuables having a security or restraining slot comprises a generally hook-shaped restraining member having a moveable inner flange mounted in a housing, a shank section adapted to extend into the restraining slot of the portable device, and a hook section adapted to engage an inner surface of the exterior wall of the portable device through the restraining slot. A fastener is coupled through the housing for extending into an aperture in the inner flange when the restraining member is in the locked position to thereby inhibit movement of the restraining member to the installation, or unlocked, position and prevent removal of the locking mechanism from the portable device. Adhesive-backed locking mechanisms for portable valuables lacking a security slot also are described.
  • Ergonomic Mouse Extension

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  • US Patent:
    61573701, Dec 5, 2000
  • Filed:
    Dec 11, 1996
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Benson Kravtin - Brooklyn NY
    Oliver Hood - Dublin, IE
  • Assignee:
    Softview Computer Products Corp.
  • International Classification:
    G09G 508
  • US Classification:
  • Abstract:
    A computer pointing device includes a conventional computer mouse in combination with an ergonomic extension. The ergonomic extension is attached to the computer mouse for movement therewith and is positioned adjacent to the computer mouse for facilitating use of the mouse by a user in an ergonomically correct position. An adjustment mechanism enables the user to adjust the position of the computer mouse relative to the ergonomic extension for enabling use of the computer mouse and ergonomic extension by users having different size hands. In one embodiment the adjustment mechanism includes an extension arm fixed to the computer mouse; a slot in the ergonomic extension adapted to receive the extension arm; and a lock for releasably locking the extension arm in a desired position in the slot. In another embodiment, the ergonomic extension includes a cavity therebeneath for insertion of a rear portion of the computer mouse. Hook and loop fasteners on the cavity wall and the computer mouse upper surface provide for adjustable attachment therebetween.
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Benson Kravtin
President, Chief Executive Officer
Ret Misc Apparel/Accessories Mfg Women's Handbags/Purses
87 Remsen St 4F, Brooklyn, NY 11201
39 Sidney Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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